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13-04-04, 00:27
Inspired by Marcus Trogen....(we are not worthy!)

OK...my location (look down!) is actually a quote.....By whom and in which film!

Marcus T
13-04-04, 00:33
Anakin - stated to Padme when telling where angels come from. Movie: Phantom Menace.

13-04-04, 00:37
Ok...your turn clever clogs!

Marcus T
13-04-04, 00:39
What is the name of the system Han Solo comes from?

13-04-04, 00:49
Before being drafted into the imperial fighter corps, Han hailed from the Corellian system.

13-04-04, 00:52
Ok Marcus, where do Grans come from?

Marcus T
13-04-04, 00:55
Well done! You are correct, naming the system. Although being drafter into the imperial fighter core is more of a fiction by A.C Crispin, who wrote a trilogy about Han Solo's early years. I have the books, they're good http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif In any event, I saw that I may have started out on a more difficult plane, as he never actually states it out loud in the films (although he does mention the system by name once in one of them)...