View Full Version : Lara ready to JUMP

Po Yu
19-09-07, 19:07
This is my second mv of tr.
I just want to make Madonna's jump with tr video.
Lara did alot jump in this video, but seems Natla was the main singer...
(Maybe because she is blonde as Madonna in original mv)

Video link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oBRr1eJ43M)

19-09-07, 19:10
Haha lol, how cool is that. I think i once tried making a lara video
with this one o.O It sucked >.>

Great video though :D Love it love it love it :D
I think you need to synch things in time with the music though
and try to make things match lyrics though :p

19-09-07, 19:10
Very nice! :tmb: +10 point for using a Madonna song :D

Po Yu
19-09-07, 19:12
yeah, when I heard this song, I thought it is fit Lara...
Lara always jumps! :P

19-09-07, 19:26
lol jumpy lara !! :vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol: