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star girl
21-09-07, 16:21
a KTEB (Kurtis) one, :p


a 10-minute brawl I did in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) ;)


This is a rose, it's being crushed by the thorns.. It's kind of a metaphor to represent innocent life being threatened and is being destructed with the thorns of corruption... *shy smile* :o

AND, another 10-minute brawl :p


Thanks for viewing and PLEASE criticize! :)

21-09-07, 16:26
They're truely awesome, that's all I've gotta say about them! :D

21-09-07, 16:27
wow noor, those are stunning! :tmb:

the kurtis one is very cool, obviously :p

the second one is very stylish, and the whole concept behind it :tmb:

also the third is good, i loved all of them :p

star girl
21-09-07, 16:29
Thank you Nemesis and Nuno! :hug:

So who likes my signature?! :D :rolleyes:

21-09-07, 16:35
So who likes my signature?! :D :rolleyes:

I do! Its brillant :D

Wonderful pics star. You're improving more everyday :)

21-09-07, 16:44
wonderful pics !! :cln: by the way, do u live in saudi arabia?? cz i live in united arab emirates :D and ive got a best frnd who's called noor :jmp:

21-09-07, 16:51
Veery nice:tmb:I see you're getting better and better.;)I really like them.You certainly have a very nice style in formation.I like your sig too by the way:o

Alex Fly
21-09-07, 16:51
Great drawings ! :tmb:

21-09-07, 17:29
Pretty good, keep that practice up woman! :tmb:

star girl
21-09-07, 18:42
@ gotha - Nopes :p I live in Pakistan, but I have never celebrated a single Eid (after Ramzan) in Pakistan. NOT A SINGLE ONE :vlol: This'll be my first time here :p And that's sweet! :D (Hope it's a girl :pi:)

@ Everyone else - Thank you all so much, and I'm so glad to hear that! :vlol: :jmp:

I was thinking of digitally colouring in the second one, what do you guys say? :)

(I dont know how to colour digitally....) :(

21-09-07, 18:50
I say u should definetely color it.;)I didn't know either at first. I just started and learnt as I went.:o

star girl
21-09-07, 18:58
Yeah.. if I had colouring pencils, it've wouldn've been no problem but... I dont :(

You use Photoshop for colouring, right? :)

Through paint bucket? :)

21-09-07, 19:05
:D Great job, star :) I love em ^.-

21-09-07, 19:33
They're great! :tmb: I love the second one! :D

star girl
21-09-07, 19:34
Thanks! :hug:

21-09-07, 19:55
Yeah.. if I had colouring pencils, it've wouldn've been no problem but... I dont :(

You use Photoshop for colouring, right? :)

Through paint bucket? :)

yes,I use photoshop.it isn't that hard.it's actually better cause u can order the coloring process however you want it,though I still use the light to darker tones process:oI saw your previous colored works,so I know that you can do an excellent job with pencils.that's why I'm sure you can do the same digitally:hug:so don't worry.

star girl
21-09-07, 19:56

I'll have a go... :)

EDIT = Nah.. It's not working... :( I need to scan it :(

21-09-07, 20:01
that's a shame:(.well,I guess you're gonna color it with pencils once you get them,right?anyway,I hope you do:D

star girl
21-09-07, 20:03
Yup, but the question is... WHEN will I get them? :D

21-09-07, 20:10
now that is a problem.I almost went mad when it happened to me.I made am urgent trip to the art store out of pure despair. I certainly hope you'll get them soon.:hug:

star girl
21-09-07, 20:20
Same here :D

22-09-07, 10:13
Awesome work SG :tmb:

22-09-07, 10:18
They're great ! :tmb: Except I don't like the Kurtis one. :pi:

Dark Lugia 2
22-09-07, 10:19
There really awsome! :eek: :D the kurtis one is my fav, i love your idea's in the 3rd + 2nd ones :D

22-09-07, 10:28
The Kurtis one if my favourite, even though I hate Kurtis.


star girl
22-09-07, 17:27
Hahaha thanks you guys!!! :hug: