View Full Version : Have you ever been in a real life Musical ?

The Great Chi
22-09-07, 16:01
Well, we have all seen films like.. Sound of Music, Mulin Rouge, Grease and High School Musical :hea:

So has real life ever been like this for you ? where suddenly everyone bursts into song when you do not expect it :vlol:

It has happened to me only once, and that was in North Wales UK, on holiday years ago.

I went into a pub with friends, for a meal and a pint of beer, and I notice the Juke box (a music machine). I inserted my money and selected Star trekin' by the firm (a silly tribute song to Star trek, as i just love Si-Fi ).

Suddenly the whole pub started to sing the song and bang their glasses off the tables, it was totally crazy, and I went pure red iin the face with embarassment :p

The owner of the pub told me that everyone sang that specific song when some idiot (me) selected it :D

So now tell me your Musical story......

PS... here's the Star trekkin song....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCARADb9asE

22-09-07, 16:02
Yeah, we used to sing like crazy on the P.E bus, until evil Ms.Perry came along. :pi:

22-09-07, 16:08
No, I never been in a musical, but I wish I could be in Opera! :D

22-09-07, 16:13
Does me starting to hum The Sweet Escape count? :vlol:

Legend of Lara
22-09-07, 16:42
Does me starting to hum The Sweet Escape count? :vlol:

Probably. :p

And I HATED the Emerald challenges with the intensity of a thousand suns!!! :off:

22-09-07, 17:05
:off: I particularily love the music in the emerald challenges. :hug:

22-09-07, 18:10
Me and my friend, who joke about Wicked and Avenue Q all the time, will sometimes burst into random musical-esque singing when we're around each other at school. I'll be walking to lunch or something, and he'll walk up behind me and start singing as if it were a musical, and I'll join in. Totally stupid, but it shatters the mundane routine of school. :rolleyes:

22-09-07, 18:56
Me and friends both out of random started singing the FFX-2 theme... Real emotion.

22-09-07, 19:04
Me and friends at work used to break into songs from Hairspray and High School Musical whilst working a few times lol!

in these arms
22-09-07, 19:19
Me and my mate would sing Shakin Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone, and then in PE (I have dance) I would sing Marilyn Manson instead of the Pussycat Dolls.

22-09-07, 19:47
I have not only seen a musical but that I participated in one. :pi::vlol:
Jesus Christ superstar. In the school.
I did of Pilatos priest. I wear a black tunic and everything of necklaces and jewels in the hands…. :cln::D

Is great!!!!!!

23-09-07, 10:43
My friend and I just start singing a random song and sometimes the people around us just falls in and joins us

23-09-07, 10:44
My friend and I just start singing a random song and sometimes the people around us just falls in and joins us

Ditto, happens all the time. The girls in my class just love to sing. :D

23-09-07, 13:01
Uhuh, In class once I startedup a good old round of Ho Ho Ho it's magic! :vlol: Our teacher sent us outside to line up again. Then on the Coach on a trip Umbrella was the song we just kept on singing, well the driver kept on playing it on the radio. :vlol:

23-09-07, 14:39
Has anyone seen Dancer in the Dark? If you have, I'm kinda like Selma. When I'm bored and there's noise it turns to music. It isn't as elaborate as everyone singing and dancing. It just makes beats.

F*** I love that movie.

23-09-07, 15:14
Lol I've never randomly burst into song, but I've starred in loads of school productions.

When I was part of a drama school I performed as a lead character in three shows performed in West End theatres :D.