View Full Version : A John LeCompt drawing

star girl
22-09-07, 17:38
Most of you know how much I love the guy :D So here's a sketch I made of him last year :p


Original pic =


Please criticize!! :D :wve:

22-09-07, 17:41
Very Nice;) As for criticism, see where his hair is spiky on the top where as yours is flat? that could be worked on. And his fingers are kinda small and thin.
Other than that its very good:tmb:

Alex Fly
22-09-07, 17:44
That's a great drawing ! :)

22-09-07, 17:45
:vlol: Awesome! :D :tmb:

22-09-07, 18:03
First of all he looks too happy, second of all practice more! :p

22-09-07, 18:07
Cool sketch!

22-09-07, 18:43
So far so good. .Well done star:tmb:

22-09-07, 19:05
Good stuff! :tmb:

22-09-07, 19:24
Awesome as always star. ;)

star girl
22-09-07, 20:02
:vlol: I made that months ago!!! :D I didn't even had some good practice, but I have this weakness to him, see :D

@ KR - Actually, the pic is blurry, but even in the actual thing, his hair IS a bit flat ... And I'm a loser at drawing hands (or atleast WAS at that time :p) But I've kept that in check, hopefully it would be better next time :)

@ dani - Mwahh.. His lips gave me such a HARD time!!!! :hea: :vlol: But in the actual thing, he doesn't :confused: Like I said, the pic is too blurry, I need to get a scanner! :hea: :) Thanks though :hug:

22-09-07, 23:17
Wow, obssessive much? :vlol:

Nice work Star :tmb:

23-09-07, 14:14
ROCK ON EVANESCENCE FANS !!!!!!!!!! time 4 a group hug !! *hugs* :hug: :p:D:jmp::tea::vlol:

star girl
23-09-07, 14:38
Wow, obssessive much? :vlol:

Nice work Star :tmb:


I actually drew everyone, except for Will.... Only he looked slightly decent :D