View Full Version : 3 Doors Down Bassit Charged With Assault

10-03-04, 23:54
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3 Doors Down's bassist Todd Harrell has been charged with simple assault after he allegedly hit a newspaper carrier outside Moss Point, Mississippi. According to reports, newspaper delivery man Ronnie Boulware thought the 32-year-old Harrell had stolen papers out of a vending machine. When Boulware confronted the bassist, Harrell allegedly hit Boulware three times in the face and kicked him once in the groin. Boulware then went to his vehicle and threatened the bassist with a gun.

Boulware contends Harrell paid for only one paper, yet took three out of the vending machine.

Harrell's lawyer Paul Benton says his client did not steal the papers.

Boulware was charged with exhibiting a weapon during a dispute.