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11-03-04, 00:09
By Sarah Hall

Forget surfing the Web for screen shots of Janet Jackson's infamous nipple slip--now you can own a piece of Boobgate history.

Currently up for sale on eBay--plastic replicas of Jackson and Justin Timberlake in all their Super Bowl finery.

In an effort to capitalize on the controversy surrounding the wardrobe malfunction that rocked the nation, Canadian artist Siobhan Sawatsky, 24, created the Barbie and Ken-proportioned pair and put them up for online auction.

Though Sawatsky admits she did not actually watch the Super Bowl, she was meticulous with her creations, down to Jackson's sun-shaped nipple shield and Timberlake's beard stubble.

"The dolls actually took only a couple of evenings to create," Sawatsky told E! Online via email. "However, if I had known they were going to create such a hype, I would have spent more time on them and paid more attention to detail."

Sawatsky has created other leather-clad dolls in the past and sold them on eBay for between $30 and $80. One of her earlier creations is a Playboy Bunny doll, complete with bunny tattoo on its shoulder blade; another doll wears bondage attire, complete with a cone-shaped bra reminiscent of '80s era Madonna.

"I really only began making the dolls because they were fun to create and sold for relatively good money," she explained.

As for her take on the fallout from Jackson's slip of the boob, Sawatsky says she found the frenzied reaction amusing.

"I have to admit that the whole incident was quite humorous," she said. "It is amazing how something so minor can be blown completely out of proportion and become such a national event."

Bidding on Sawatsky's shapely synthetic duo starts at $49.99. So far, there are no bids on the dolls, but the end of the auction is still several days away.

Other Janet and Justin-themed merchandise available for purchase on eBay includes photos of the nipple-baring moment of truth and newspapers and magazines reporting the event.

None of it appears to be selling well, perhaps because photos and footage of the event are still so widely available for free on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Jackson is returning to television April 12 as the host and musical guest for Saturday Night Live. It will be her first live gig since the Super Bowl.

We wonder what the theme of her opening monologue will be. Yahoo.com


Hey guys I have a pic of the dolls, but i'm not sure if I'm allowed to put it. trl or elen, can I put it?

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11-03-04, 00:15
Finally some humour is injected into this over-blown episode. Very amusing!

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I'd like to see the pic......is it that bad? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/silent.gif http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif

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Hi EveningStar http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif and tlr, How are you guys doin'?

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I tell ya, however invented eBay deserves everything they got from it. :D
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