View Full Version : Two ways for finishin the Nalta’s Mine level (12)

24-09-07, 20:15
I have discovered Two ways for finishing the Nalta’s Mine level (12)

Taking a look of the walkthrough of the tombraiderchronicles.com web. I discover I have been finishing the level in a “WRONG” way.
The walkthrough says that when you find the GREEN FUSE, you come back to the control room and use it.
But when I play these level, when I find the GREEN FUSE I was able to go dawn the pit to take the blue fuse without coming back.
The thing you are supposed to do after taking the GREEN FUSE is to “Perform the wall run and when Lara reaches the highest point to the left, jump to grab the handhold behind you.” But instead of jump behind Lara I pussed (CIRCLE) and Lara falls down into the pit, and grab a handhold down NOT BEHIND. These way you reach the Blue fuse without using the GREEN one.
The fanny thing Is that you can end the level without finding the GREEN FUSE, but LARSON still use the machine to block Lara.

24-09-07, 22:06
How do you go down to pick up the blue fuse without dying?

24-09-07, 22:09
were you using fly cheat?
or perhaps you just found a bug...

24-09-07, 22:29
Not QUITE what you are talking about, but here's an alternative way to get the blue fuse without dying (no cheats):


24-09-07, 22:33
Not QUITE what you are talking about, but here's an alternative way to get the blue fuse without dying (no cheats):
Thx dinacat (u may put the vid by choosing the GvCQYbJm5FU from the link and put it between )

24-09-07, 22:34
hum... well after all it seems that it is possible! still imo that guy was just too lucky, that is one shot in a million, he have a very short pillar to land on... either he is very good or very lucky

24-09-07, 22:40
Got this to Shin_Chan74! If you're having difficulty, stop and lower yourself and then swing again, once you're above the ledge below press "Drop" and voila! :D

Great for speedrunning this is :).

24-09-07, 22:52
The first time I played Natla's mines that's how I got down.

Zelda master
25-09-07, 05:27
Me two i could get down so i wanted to kill Lara and she landed safe:p

Tomb Raider Master
25-09-07, 15:53
Yep, I've done this once by total accident. I tried to do it again and failed, and never actually tried again. Thanks for posting.

26-09-07, 08:54
I've seen Lara fall incredible distances, and still grab ledges, although you usually have to press interact to keep her from losing her grip.