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25-09-07, 21:58
I dont think there is a thread for this, so im going to fire away with this question...

The forum has its own emoticons ( i think theyre called graemlins? )

and ive been a member since may 2004 (even longer than that, because i had another account before this one!) and i can only do this 1 :) and this 1 :D

can anybody show me how to do some by inputting spaces between the characters?

thanks in advance!

25-09-07, 22:00
Why not just click "Post Reply" (or "Go Advanced"), then choose "More Smilies" from the right :)

25-09-07, 22:00
Here's a link to all the pre-loaded emoticons/smilies/whatever you want to call them. (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/misc.php?do=getsmilies&editorid=vB_Editor_001) :)

25-09-07, 22:02
Thankyou very much guys!

Lol i've wanted to ask this question for ages.

25-09-07, 22:04
You're welcome! :D

26-09-07, 00:58
well is thar a way to add more?:confused: