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26-09-07, 11:22
My best friend died today in the hospital, after falling off his motorcycle a few days ago. He was 17. May your soul rest in peace my friend.
Now I feel devastated, not only because of his loss, but also because of the fact that I recently compromised with his motorcycle obsession. In the very beginning I was telling him how dangerous it was, but he insisted that he would be just fine, so I gave up after many efforts. In fact, last week we had a terrible fight on this issue and I finally got tired of feeling like his own mother, so I stopped. But I shouldn't have.
On the occasion of this I would like to advise y all on the self-evident.

26-09-07, 11:26
that's really bad :(
and it's not your fault... you tried to warn him! but life is this way, accidents happen and we cannot avoid it... :(
the important thing is that you tried to warn him... don't blame yourself!


26-09-07, 11:28
I'm terribly sorry for your loss. :hug: I couldn't imagine what that's like. Importantly, you know it wasn't your fault.

You have our support. :hug:

Alex Fly
26-09-07, 11:39
It's not your fault, you couldn't know what was going to happen. Don't feel guilty. Be strong... :hug:

26-09-07, 11:44
You did everything you could have done, I'm sure; please don't embark on a guilt-trip over this - it's probably the last thing your friend would have wanted you to do.

My deepest condolences to you and his family :hug: :(

26-09-07, 12:54
oh im so sorry!:(i hope you feel better:hug:

troy tr
26-09-07, 13:01
:( Stay strong. It's not your fault.

26-09-07, 14:05
That's horrible! :(

26-09-07, 14:08
Sorry to hear that. I went through something similar 3 years ago, though he wasn't my best friend. Actually we didn't even get along, which made me feel worse because we never patched things up.

26-09-07, 14:21
I am so sorry. My deepest condoles.

26-09-07, 16:15
My deepest sympathy.

R.I.P., mate

26-09-07, 16:29
That's awful - but you must not blame yourself. Just try to remember the good things rather than beating yourself up over the argument. My condolences :(

26-09-07, 17:29
The fact that you tried to say your piece time and again should exonerate you from feeling guilty. I myself am a motorcycle rider and it's a personal risk that I have taken upon myself. It is up to each individual to decide if they will ride a motorcycle, and how they will ride it. I do not know of the circumstances surrounding your friend's crash, but riding motorcycles is inherantly dangerous. whether there was something stupid involved on anyone's part or if someone hit him, the fact remains that the body has absolutely no protection on a motorcycle. Your being his friend and trying to advise him of your concerns is admirable, and it shows that you care. If you were to constantly hound him, it would have made him resent you. Despite many horror stories told constantly to me and my husband, as well as the disapproval we have both recieved from our parents, the fact remains that we are our own people, and we made the decision to get our licenses and get sportbikes. My mother doesn't even say a word when I gush about how much I like riding. She said her piece a long time ago and has allowed me to make that decision for myself.
If you had voiced your concern just one more time, do you REALLY think your friend would have dropped everything and quit riding? Most likely not. You were a good friend to him and you still are. You obviously were very close and should not feel personally responsible for his death. it's one of those awful things that screw with your head. Please don't blame yourself.

26-09-07, 17:42
Deepest sympathies :(

26-09-07, 17:55
17 is far too young to die... I'm very sorry for your loss :( :hug:

26-09-07, 18:41
So Sorry... :hug: Similar thing happened to me.

26-09-07, 18:42
Motorcycles are dangerous, mostly because of the other drivers.

There is a reason I drive a big car.

26-09-07, 18:47
You don't have to feel guilty, though it's hard. R.I.P. and I hope things will get better for you :hug:

26-09-07, 18:53
My deepest sympathies to you :hug::hug:

26-09-07, 19:07
I'm sorry to hear that, Hope you're ok... :(

26-09-07, 19:12
....... how sad..... i feel really sorry 4 u..... :( dont worry, let him rest in heaven......

27-09-07, 11:05
Thanx guys.
My father says it was meant to be. Maybe it's not my fault, but I can't accept this either. Deep inside I was sure that smth would happen, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon. Perhaps I shouldn't blame myself, because he was stubborn and pig-headed, but it would have been better to insist, because now he's gone forever. And this kills me inside.

27-09-07, 11:12
That's sad news, I'm so sorry hun :(

But it was not your fault, things happen and no one can see the future, you did your best and your friend wouldn't want to feel guilty for his death and I certainly don't think he would blame you, he made his choices as we all do and I think your father was right, it hurts like mad but just remember all the good times you had together :hug: