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Melonie Tomb Raider
26-09-07, 19:40
Hey everyone. :wve:

Lately I've been playing around with photoshop, and when I just recently posted my Tomb Raider signature, someone requested that I make one for him/ her. That encouraged me to make this thread. Simply stated, I would like to make more signatures/ avatars for practice, and if anyone needs one, it's win win for everyone.

If you would like one and you want a particular render in it, post it here (high res if possible) and I will do the best I can. However, my schedule is pretty busy, so I may not be able to do all request, if there are several; however, if this is the case someone else can fill in and claim the signature/ avatar to make. I'll do as many as I can though.

Feel free to request if you wish, I'm game. :D

26-09-07, 20:44
yay XD

you take what you want! :vlol:

so i have this one if you could just have the image without the card stuff near it and all would be great

the there's this one that i think that would make a cool avatar! XD

thank you very much :D

Melonie Tomb Raider
27-09-07, 00:11
I'm on it. :tmb: