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tlr online
16-06-03, 15:22
Central Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, and the northern tips of Israel and Jordan are showcased in this amazingly clear Terra MODIS image acquired on June 6, 2003. A number of fires are marked in the image (red dots); almost all of them are centralized in the Adana and Hatay states of southeast Turkey. One is located near Lake Ataturk farther to the east, while two more are visible in Syria. One is located near the city of Latakia on the Mediterranean coast, while the other is just west of the Buhayrat al Asad lake, into which the Euphrates River feeds, then flows out of to the southeast toward the Persian Gulf.

Turkey occupies the top half of the image, from the southeastern edge of the Marmara Denizi (the waterway connecting the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea) in the northwest to Karacali Mountain in the southeast. Scattered in between are numerous lakes, all of which are a different brilliant shade of blue. In the center of Turkey is the Tuz Golu Basin, a shallow salt lake in the midst of Turkey's dry central plateau. Salt is mined here, and it is the reflection off of this mineral that makes it appear white.

In Cyprus, the northern coast and the Troodos Mountains appear green with late spring vegetation. Similar greens appear on the coastlines of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean. Further inland, what is visible of Syria, Jordan, and Iraq appears at first glance to have missed out on the wild flourishing of springtime vegetation, but some green is visible where there is enough water to support more substantial plant life. Vegetation surrounding the Euphrates, Baliki, and Nahr al Khabur rivers helps them to stand out against the surrounding desert. West of the Buhayrat al Asad lake is an impermanent seasonal water body that is currently supporting quite a lot of vegetation that appears very brightly green.


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