View Full Version : Have you ever kissed a girl (question to girls)?

27-09-07, 00:18
Have you?Like a real french kiss?You don't have to be lesbian to do it, but have you at least tried ever..how does it feels..is it different from guys kiss..your opinion?

27-09-07, 00:21
Oh my..

These lips only touch guys'


Wow, speaking of that. I had a dream when I was making out with a girl! And I am so straight!
And it actually felt like I was making out. The weirdest feeling in my life. And how would I even know how it feels to make out. Never kissed anyone before :vlol:
I think I know how it feels to kiss now!!!


Melonie Tomb Raider
27-09-07, 00:23
Umm... no, I've never kissed a girl, nor will I ever.

27-09-07, 00:26
Haha, well i have kissed a girl (but im not a lesbian, i consider myself as bi right now..though i like men more.. men 60% and women 40%)

27-09-07, 01:51
This what we have an OPEN CHAT (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?p=2145592#post2145592) for :wve: