View Full Version : Crazy Croft 8 - HILIOURIOUS !!!

27-09-07, 01:49
OH MY GOD ! :vlol:

i was laughing SOO HARD LMFAOOOOOOO !!!


Attention: this video does contain some foul language & adult content. View digression is advised.

(mods feel free to close if you think the video is bad (even though i have seen videos that were kept with more foul language).

27-09-07, 02:39
I'be seen it before, but thanks for posting I love his videos they are hilarious:D

27-09-07, 02:41
OMG, that video was so funny, I think it would make a great tv series! :vlol: :D

27-09-07, 19:50
lol yeah all crazy crofts are funny:D

They inspired me to start helping out on the crazy croft vids :)

young Lara Croft
27-09-07, 20:22
Now that's pure entertainment!