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27-09-07, 19:27
Today on BBC radio 2 Chris Evans show Lara got shafted. The station has been running a vote to find out who's the number 1 icon of the last 40 years. 15 of the nominated was given 3 or 4 minutes where someone stated the case of why you should vote for that person. Today it was Lara's turn, and all she got was 30 seconds of speeded up speech that was unetellagble (cant spell), Chris then made remarks that basically said that she shouldn't be nominated. The BBC has been slammed recently for scamming the public and fixing compertions and voting and it seems they haven't learned anything. I'm not saying she should win but a fair hearing should have been given and a case made for her so the public could make up their own mind and vote accordingly. You can listen to it on the BBC web site on the listen again feature, it's about 30 minutes into the progaramme today Thursday. If you find it as biased as me then please look at how to complain to the complaints people and also Email the show with your views


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27-09-07, 19:33
How dare he! :p

Yes, he is biased. ;)

27-09-07, 19:48
Lets all vote for lara! I already have:D

It will teach him not to ne so biased!