View Full Version : Resident Raider - A New Resident Evil/Tomb Raider crossover!

27-09-07, 21:56
Okay, I am planning on writing an amazing story, crossing over two of the most popular computer games, Tomb Raider and Resident Evil!
So, I was thinking, if I wrote it during TR2 and RE3 using different characters, people would maybe not like it.
So, then I thought, let the fans vote. After all, if this were someone else, I would love to have my own say.
So, if you would all like to make suggestions then i PROMISE they will make it into my story. Such as a zombie Kurtis or an evil Hoover demon or whatever, lol. I need help with my fan involved tale!

28-09-07, 15:32
i like the idea... except for kurtis being a zombie...

i also use to think of a fmv where lara fights raziel,.. and finally end up both looking for the same artifact on their different ways,.. like a race to it... and when reaching it facing different foes, and fighting together,,..:D

Lara Croft!
28-09-07, 17:10
Someone close to Lara turning into a zombie and she is forced to kill him... e.g Zip and Alistair

28-09-07, 17:45
Hm, to connect the two you could have the zombie virus come from an ancient egyptian curse...

Legend of Lara
28-09-07, 17:55
Zip and Alister turn into zombies, so Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine must destroy them! :jmp: Meanwhile, Lara and Kurtis take a walk through a graveyard XD and encounter Alexia and Alfred. :yik:

28-09-07, 18:20
Sounds really cool! Mutated, blood-spattred Zombies haunting the cold, eerie temples and tombs of Lara's world? :cln::cln::cln: