View Full Version : Anyone a fan of sailor moon? Im workin on dubbin the last season in english

29-09-07, 05:50
If anyone here is a fan of sailor moon you know that the last season of it called Sailor stars was never aired in america due to mature content.Me and a devoted team are workin on dubin the final season into english for all the fans we already have an episode complete but we are gonna redub it we are currently workin on episode 168.Should be completely dubbed by end of october.

So anyone still a fan of this beloved show?
Just like to point it out that sailor moon is realy more mature than alot of yous think america chopped this show to pieces to make it a kids show and we wont do that we are doin our episodes uncut uncencored.

If u wanna u can come check out the forum heres a link its just startin up so expect things to be rollin soon.

I put together a forum for the sailor stars fandub,please join and come keep in touch with all the cast and fans. -AJ-

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29-09-07, 05:55
oh man!!!!
i still remeber the last time i saw them.
i was waching them with my brother a very long time ago.
i don't remember anything from that show, partly because there was no Arabic/English version back then(not that i knew of)

EDIT: oh wait, i saw them about a year ago on Megas XLR.
they where fun.
it was my first time to actually know what they actually do!!
and they are cool.

29-09-07, 06:02
wow im glad to hear at least someone likes it ^^ :hug:

Leo Caprico
29-09-07, 06:17
I like it too, among other animes:) It's great you're doing this. :tmb:I don't get it, if there's mature content why don't they make their own story version of that part on anime and not following directly the comic.

29-09-07, 07:02
I really love Sailor Moon! http://cosgan.de/images/kao/tiere/a025.gif

29-09-07, 09:20
I love Sailor Moon! It's my favourite anime.I was really obsessed with it as a child.All the seasons were aired here, though.I guess we were lucky enough to get the Japanese version, but it was dubbed.I also know there is a Japanese version with English subtitles.Good luck with your project.:)

29-09-07, 10:26
If u guys can come join the forum :hug:

29-09-07, 10:44
I used to be obsessed with Sailer moon in the late 90's. I haven't watched the newer episodes though. But your project seams very interesting.:)

29-09-07, 12:00
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Ada the Mental
29-09-07, 13:24
I used to watch it when I was little, but I don't remember much of and haven't watched any of the newest episodes.
Sailor Mars was my favourite.:D

Legend of Lara
29-09-07, 13:26
Oh, so looking forward to it! :D

29-09-07, 13:33
hey sounds great you guys are dubbing it. i love sailor moon and still have for about well since i was a child. i was surprised how dark season 5 was though although i thought the S season was about the same as season 5.

29-09-07, 13:35
I used to love Sailor Moon :D

Can't wait to see the final result :D

29-09-07, 15:06
Id tell u guys how to access my forum for news on the dub but i cant post the link is pmin the link to my forum ok?:(

29-09-07, 15:37
I don't understand why "forum recruiting" isn't allowed?

Anyway, I think this sounds like an awesome project. Sailor Stars was such an awesome and daring way to end the Sailor Moon series and it certainly went out with a big bang. I love how Queen Beryl/The Dark Kingdom and all that came after were linked...

I'll leave it there as I don't want to spoil it for anyone :)

29-09-07, 15:47
Im glad ur a fan!

And yes the show goes off in a band and we are scriptin eprisode 200 right now lets just say its gonna be amazing;)

29-09-07, 15:48
Sounds good!

So how long has this project been running for? sounds like you've covered a fair bit of ground already.

29-09-07, 15:50
3 years we've all been together practicin on lil clips here and there we dubbed episode 167 about 2 years ago when our mixin sucked so we are doin it over and now we are currently dubin over the High quality remastered stars dvd rips ^^ we plan on sellin the english dubbed episodes on dvd soon :D