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tlr online
16-06-03, 23:35
GMX Media today announced that it has secured the rights to publish the PC RPG title Prince of Qin Gold. "The previous version of the game sold almost 200,000 copies worldwide, we intend to make this version just as successful." Commented Barry Leonard COO of GMX Media.

"Object Software is very pleased to be working with GMX Media in the European release of "Prince of Qin Gold". We are confident that GMX's enthusiasm for the title will communicate itself to gamers helping to make the game a success for all concerned" commented Richard Wallis CEO of Object Software.

Prince of Qin Gold is a little different from most RPGS in that it is set in a real historical setting with a number of characters who actually lived at the time. We hope the ambience of an ancient Chinese environment combined with some fascinating historical detail and compelling gameplay will make a potent mix for European gamers."

Prince of Qin Gold is a A-RPG (an action role playing game) set in the last years of the Qin Dynasty in China 2,200 years ago. The game balances team-fighting (you can recruit up to 5 heroes to join your team) with various strategies and tactics and you will be challenged by many enemies in more than 100 unique scenes accurately depicting society and architecture as it existed at the time. The game's novel features include the design of the multi-scenario and multi-ending systems, the randomly created weapons, items and enemies, an equipment creating system and the sophisticated fighting system rooted in the ancient philosophy of the Five Elements. The Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors Tomb are some of the world-renowned locations the game highlights.

In Prince of Qin Gold you play as Prince Fu Su, the First Qin Emperor's eldest son and the Crown Prince of Qin. According to historical records, Fu Su committed suicide in obedience to a supposed imperial edict. However, in Prince of Qin Gold Fu Su does not die but lives and seeks to find out the truth behind the decree. Once he discovers the truth he launches himself on a mission for revenge against those who have betrayed him and to claim his birthright as the Emperor of Qin.

Prince of Qin Gold is playable as a single player game with multi-player capability over the LAN [and on the internet with groups of players of up to 500 in one game.]