View Full Version : Madrid Explosions

11-03-04, 14:11
Anyone from spain?

ETA explanations are not satisfactory for me ...

11-03-04, 14:43
Heard about this on the news. Terrible... When will people learn that violence doesn't do anyone any good? :(

11-03-04, 14:53
It's all over the news over here too, it's just so horrible :( My deepest sympathy to the families and friends of the victims :(

11-03-04, 15:00
Each time something so big happens,
I start to look for a serious international political/economical reason, as it was for 11 september ...
I will sympathize for no reason any terroristic organisation or act ...
But I can hardly believe the ETA could do that ...

The first question must be. Who is it good for?

11-03-04, 16:19
I'd like to say it isn't good for anyone, but it will certainly help the media...

11-03-04, 18:15
That's horrible! My sympathies to the families of this tragedy.

11-03-04, 19:21
When the 4 trains exploted , I was at "La Puerta del Sol" with my class. I live in Miranda and now , E.T.A. , sayed in a video thet they planted bombs in Miranda... (that´s no fun and not a good thing)

Mark Garcia
11-03-04, 22:47
Spanish here.
They are horrible news. My sympathies to the families of the victims. :(

Latest news:
They found a robed van nearby the train station with a Koran exemplar into it. This means that maybe ETA is not the gulty, but the Alcaida :eek: . So if it is true, maybe the UK is also in danger! :eek: :eek:

12-03-04, 07:05
Those news where in all the world and all the people sayes that is Al Caeda , beacause tthat M***** F***** S** O* A B**** of José María Aznar accepted the war of Irak.