View Full Version : YooMedia PLC to launch Quiz Matrix

tlr online
16-06-03, 23:38
YooMedia plc, in partnership with MIETV, are to launch the Quiz Matrix game on the interactive TV (iTV) games channel, Free2Play. Neo Keenu's Quiz Matrix, as the game is titled, will go live on the 20th June and joins the Big Brother and Darts game, which debuted with the service. Free2Play launched on Freeview at the end of May and is the only games channel on the platform. The Big Brother Game has already exceeded the projected number of plays in the 3 weeks since it started.

According to Aubrey Welch, Director at MieTV, this initiative is solely for Free2Play, "The game has been designed to complement the current Darts and Big Brother Quiz that are now available on Channel 53 of the Freeview service".

The quiz launches on the 20th June and will run for two months. It is expected to have mass appeal across the spectrum of Freeview viewers. The creative concept for the game was based on developing a quiz game on a topical theme, and the recent release of Matrix Reloaded is ideal. Welch believes that a twist on Neo's character works well in a quiz format, "the Quiz Matrix will be merciless, with new questions reloaded for each round, making the game very competitive and highly addictive". There are a total of 10 rounds and the questions will be refreshed each week.

The game is free to play and revenues will be generated from premium rate telephony. Players will be invited to register high score codes on the phone to become eligible for daily or weekly prize draws. To coincide with the launch of the game, Free2Play will initially offer the latest Samsung picture phone, sponsors of Matrix Reloaded, as the weekly draw prize.

YooMedia and MieTV have plans for the Quiz format and Welch says: "We will be changing the quiz format to suit other topical events as they occur such as the Olympic Games or another film."