View Full Version : Good Riddance

Dark Lara
11-03-04, 20:32
Well, it's been weeks, & my friend hasn't forgiven me for the whole god thing. I wrote how I felt into a poem, who wants to see it?

11-03-04, 20:38
god thing?

the croft woman!
11-03-04, 21:52
friends are meant to forgive, if they cant forgive over little things they aint true friends.
Lets see the poem then, i like your poems http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Dark Lara
12-03-04, 18:39
Originally posted by Draco:
god thing?My friend thought I meant to offend his beliefs in god.

13-03-04, 02:24
how little his faith in himself, and his religion of choice.
It's often the ones who cry the loudest when jabbed, are the ones who feel they have the weakest support.