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tlr online
14-04-04, 18:55
Eidos, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, announces that the highly-anticipated Hitman: Contracts will be released in Europe on 30th April. The action-stealth game is being backed with a heavyweight GBP3m pan-European marketing campaign. Campaign highlights include terrestrial TV and cinema advertising. The cinema advertising will run from 23rd April in conjunction with Kill Bill Vol 2. The game's release will be further bolstered by a high-impact outdoor media campaign, print advertising, retail promotions and comprehensive PR activity.

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Video-game mammoth Eidos plc has released a fifth movie to promote the new Hitman Contracts 3D shooter from IO featuring the third instalment of Psychology Of An Assassin.

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14-04-04, 18:57
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Mark Garcia
15-04-04, 17:28
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