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11-03-04, 23:34
Hello, i'm from Valencia, Spain

I find out the terrible notice because my university cancelled all the academic activities this morning, at 10:00.

In Valencia, we are now in S.José party and there has been cancelled during three days. The famous "Mascletà" has been cancelled.

Now we are scarried, maybe the next criminal assault will be on our party.... maybe I will be the next :(

I hate ETA. :mad: They are a organization of murderers. They will not win, never will win. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yuck.gif

My condolences to all the familys.


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12-03-04, 00:13
What exactly is ETA anyway?

I heard that it was being blamed on Al-Queda (sp?)...

12-03-04, 07:01
ETA were some comunists , but now E.T.A. means Expertos Terroristas Armados (Expert Armed Terrorists)

12-03-04, 13:21

ETA is a group of persons who likes the independence of "País Vasco" http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yuck.gif . I don't know what means "ETA" because its another language: the euskera and I don't understand it.

ETA spouts in the dictatorship of Franco. They puts car-bombs, everly, with a rare exception. But ALWAYS they called a few minutes before saying "I have putted a bomb in that place".... always until now. Yesterday had not called :mad: . They likes to kill the maximum number of persons...

Well, sorry if I have writed bad but I don't know to write very well in english ;) . Bye


12-03-04, 14:20
On Intenet I found ...

ETA: Euskadi Ta Askatasuna
It should mean: "Basque fatherland and freedom"

I know almost nothing about ETA, except that they want separaton from spain and they kill people ...

But I think the bombs in Madrid are strange ... It is not a normal ETA action ...

12-03-04, 15:05
My heartfelt condolences, especially for the people who lost their loved ones because of this horrible crime! :(

According to our media the perpetrators of this horror were not clear.
The ETA has aimed for police, military stations and politicians in the past, not mass murder on civilian masses, and I heard about this calling in advance.

My gut-feeling tells me it might be the Al-Quaida.

I remember also that the Spanish government supported the war against Iraq.