View Full Version : Pointless Polls vs. Pointless Topics

17-06-03, 03:34
Is one worse than the other?

17-06-03, 03:40
Is this one included? ;) lol jk

I'd say pointless polls. Pointless polls get abused way too much, and as many forums have proven, that abuse can lead to polls being taken away from the use of everyone.

At least with pointless topics, someone is bound to come around and actually give it a point.

17-06-03, 03:41
Is one worse than the other? Yup http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif

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17-06-03, 15:26
Draco's point is not pointless. Pointless polls can lead to interesting debates where amongst the pointless arguments some people can actually make their point clear while others can enjoy counting the points and write the score.

Point is: I'm all for pointless polls.

Raider Ranger
17-06-03, 19:07
Good point! :D :D