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tlr online
17-06-03, 17:42
Sorry about that brief outage folks, I had to reboot the server. Here's why:

CPU Usage: u15.32 s12.92 cu319.9 cs86.51 - 97.2% CPU load critical - The processor is currently 55 degrees Celsius.

17-06-03, 17:53
What are the specs on the forum server?

17-06-03, 18:01
'Only' 55 degrees? My poor P3/620 is melting down at 70 right now!

17-06-03, 18:06
I'm just asking because that's seems a bit high, even for a server. TLR, are you using thermal paste such as AS3? or are you using a thermal pad? in between your HSF & your processor?

17-06-03, 21:10
tlr online, no need to worry - CPU will not overheat at 55C ;)

How many CPUs are installed on server machine?

tlr online
17-06-03, 21:19
Bokkie. One CPU. Our Cobalt Control Panel noted the CPU as "critical" for approx. one hour this evening. As a result, Perl began mis-firing and our SMTP server rolled over. Do you think this could simply be down to cooling?

17-06-03, 23:20
that's why i asked how you were cooling it...because heat transfer between the cpu core and the heat sink is very critical, the only thing that can help that is thermal paste like artic silver or a thermal pad, put most people don't like the pads so they use the paste.

what speed/brand is the processor? also i thought that servers with the load that this website receives would be running dual intel xeons....

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18-06-03, 02:10
dual intel xenons???? huh? :D

So what melts first when a server heats up?

18-06-03, 03:58
Dual Intel Xeon's, yes there is such a thing, as seen Here (http://www.rackshack.net/english/xeon_series.asp) ;) And with proper cooling nothing at all should melt. ;)

18-06-03, 05:03
These days you need a wind farm in your box to keep things running straight...I got only 4 in mine...


18-06-03, 14:03
No we just need to use PHP & MySQL, with PHPBB forum software. ;)