View Full Version : Burning music to CD....Problem!!

08-10-07, 22:51
I seem to have a problem burning some of my favourite tracks from WMP to a CD-R.....and I don't know what the problem is.

The specific songs/audio I'm trying to burn were extracted from various video clips. They play fine (and fully) in WMP but when I burn them to a CD, there's a problem with every single one.....finishing early, not playing at all etc.

Does any one know the cause of this? Can anyone help me, please?

09-10-07, 06:19
You need to burn actual files, but it seems to me you're burning shortcuts.
Find the files in Windows Explorer and burn to a CD from there or use Nero Burning ROM :)

16-10-07, 12:59
Sorry for the extremely late reply.....been pretty inactive here :o

I tried burning the files directly but the same thing happened. It's kind of like the whole length of each song isn't being transferred because the length they are listed as, isn't the whole length. For example one song is listed as 1:11 but the track actually plays in WMP for about 1:30. When the song is burned 1:11 of it is only burned....

...I think that may be the problem...

Any other advice??

16-10-07, 13:03
OK, I'll look what I can find... Hold on :)