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12-03-04, 05:07
May not be the Ann Arbor campus, but I received my acceptance letter today for University of Michigan, Flint today. It's a good school, not my first choice, but it's where my parents want me to go. So I've been accepted to the university where I'm going to end up going.

I just wish my parents could have been this enthusiastic when I got into Grand Valley, which is where I want to go. Maybe I can transfer there after a year or two.

12-03-04, 05:17
You can't still go to Grand Valley?

12-03-04, 05:30
My parents are intent on me going to U of M, so any opportunity to go to GVSU is long gone now. My parents delayed so long in giving me a definitely answer that by now it's too late to reserve a spot in the Freshman class at GVSU.

12-03-04, 05:33
Are they paying fer it?

13-03-04, 00:21
Yes, so that's why it matters about where they want me to go.

13-03-04, 02:00
congrats! i wish you were going to your first choice.. but the world centers around money these days. im sure youll do fine at that college anyways http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif