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tlr online
17-06-03, 23:01
The most talked-about game of the year took a major step towards retail availability as AGETEC, Inc. today announced that Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system has gone gold. Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color is on schedule to ship nationwide on June 24.

"We are very excited about the release of Magic Pengel. For the first time in history, gamers are able to use their creativity to interact with a game by drawing their own characters and have them come to life," said Rob Alvarez, Vice President of Marketing AGETEC, Inc. "As AGETEC grows, we look forward to continuing the diversification of our product lineup with those titles that meet our standard of excellence."

Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color is a innovative 3D adventure game that offers a revolutionary graphics tool allowing players the ability to draw and animate their own cast of characters. These characters are interactive within the game and become integral parts of the player's success in completing the adventure.

The player takes on the role of a "Doodler" who befriends two children, Zoe and her brother Taro, who are searching for their father. As a Doodler, the player is granted the ability to draw characters (called Doodles) in a sketchbook that stores them until they are needed in arena matches. Along the way, the player collects new parts and colors for the sketchbook that enables him to draw larger, more complex Doodles. The arena matches are friendly, where the townspeople welcome most opportunities to try their luck against all comers. Winners of the matches are awarded with new colors and/or parts to add to their existing characters or to create brand new Doodles.