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12-03-04, 05:27
Lately my mind seems troubled, so many it would help if I made them physically materialize.

Do you ever have that feeling where you feel just lost or confused and you don't know why? I feel like my life is at a standstill. Standing at a precipice and not knowing what will happen next. I sit here listening to a song called Top of the World where the first lyrics are "I wish I was smarter/I wish I was stronger/I wish I loved Jesus/The way my wife does".All I can think is that I know this applies to me, to all of us. Are we maybe just overly critical of ourselves that we can't be happy with what we have? It just baffles the mind, and maybe it's best not to think about it. Push everything that is wrong aside and pretend that everything is okay. Oh la di, oh la da, life goes on right?

Lately I feel the need to be philosophical and produce words beyond my age that should be enlightening. Is it I who needs to be enlightened or the world? Perhaps both. To quote the Beatles, maybe all we need is love. Or is love the way to enlightenment? What if we never have an eye-opening experience? Does that mean a valuable aspect of life has been missed? What is life if you don't know what you're missing? All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. Each with their entrance and each with their exit. So what if we miss our entrance, is everything lost? Is that when we miss our chance to shine or break free?

Maybe enlightenment isn't some great truth about life or the world. Perhaps it's about finding who we are, doing some soul searching. Too many people hide behind a mask, trying to escape a life they are not happy with, or afraid to be themself. Too conscientious maybe of looking ignorant in front of others? Discovering who you are often can be a horrible process. You only find your limits, strengths, and weaknesses once you hit rock-bottom. You can only go up from there, so it could be a positive experience after all.

The day may always seem fleeting, but a new one is always dawning.

12-03-04, 05:43
Worked for me