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tlr online
17-06-03, 23:03
Wario is bringing his need for greed to Nintendo GameCube in Wario World, launching June 23. Starring in his first 3D adventure, Nintendo's most mischievous troublemaker brawls his way through a host of monsters to recover his beloved treasure trove.

As the game begins, Wario's treasures make him so happy he can't stop smiling! After finally completing construction of his castle, he wallows in a stockpile of gold and jewels hidden deep within his fortress. Unbeknownst to Wario, hidden among the treasure is a strange black jewel that turns his gems into monsters, leaving him to battle and brawl with a multitude of strange creatures to regain his riches.

"As Nintendo's bad boy, Wario provides an opportunity for players to explore their greedy side," said Peter MacDougall, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Nintendo of America Inc. "Wario World will appeal to players of all ages as they get their hands dirty pummeling bizarre monsters and snatching up gold!"

Wario must learn moves such as the "Piledriver" and the "Wild Swing-Ding" to help him fight an endless tide of weird and wild enemies. His arsenal of new moves includes picking up and swinging defeated foes to thrash hoards of oncoming monsters. This fast-paced game will have players chuckling at the comical injuries Wario sustains and laughing even harder at the damage he doles out to his foes!

Wario World allows players to download samples of WarioWareTM, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ onto the Game Boy® Advance via the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable. This bonus provides a taste of the more than 200 lightning-fast microgames found in the Game Boy Advance title.

17-06-03, 23:26
Wario Land 4 was a little gem on the GBA. Excellent gameplay and gorgeous 2D graphics are still a winning formula in my opinion. But those are a kind of games that can only be played on handheld consoles nowadays. Ah, the good old time of the PC Engine...

Optimal Protocol
18-06-03, 13:14
I've been eager to get my hands on the game for a while now. I don't plan to purchase it, just rent it.

http://www.geocities.com/slow199king/Wario.txt I'mma gonna ween!