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in these arms
13-10-07, 18:53
It seems that I can't return to the begining of City of Kahmoon.


Can anyone guess what/how I this?

13-10-07, 19:07
Hmm... is that Obelisk of Khamoon? because the begining part has been invaded by rocks? :confused:

13-10-07, 19:34
They always block your path when you complete a level in the classic TRs, and you start right by the end of the previous level. Just so you can't go back and "mess around" with the previous level. I wish you could though :mis: :p

13-10-07, 19:45
as long as its done logically.
i cannot stand sudden walls or rocks just appearing.

in these arms
13-10-07, 20:44
I started Obelisk of Kahmoon and used a little bug which you can view HERE (http://youtube.com/watch?v=3clzd_Exypo), and found out half the level is blacked out, and entrances to other parts of the level cannot be entered.

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