View Full Version : How does one...

19-10-07, 16:07
...delete their membership?

Or change their username?

I joined here because of another member who I was in a relationship with, and seeing as we are no longer in said relationship I'd really like to either delete this account and make a new one, or change the username

'tesorosbaby' isn't really applicable anymore, seeing as though I aint his baby no more...

19-10-07, 16:10
That's a shame...:( I hope things work out in real life!

If you want to change your username then you can probably as tr_online and if you can justify a reason, he might either change your username or let you create another account.

19-10-07, 16:12
As far as I know, you won't be able to delete your account. Send a PM to tlr Online, with your intentions and see what he suggests. Odds are you current account will be disabled.

Question answered, thread closed. Good luck Tesorosbaby. :tmb: