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15-04-04, 21:05

I think this may have been discussed before, but I'm not sure...

Anywho, I was wondering who some of your favorite characters are from a movie, and who played that character.

Mine are:

- Legolas played by Orlando Bloom

- Agent Smith played by Hugo Weaving

- Seraph played by Sing Ngai

- Hannibal Lecter played by Sir Athony Hopkins

- Mr. Pink played by Steve Buschemi

15-04-04, 22:33
Originally posted by TRelic:
Hannibal Lecter played by Sir Athony Hopkins

Good Call...........

My Votes go to

Qui gon Ginn (Star Wars)

Manfred Powell (Tomb Raider)

Palpatine (Star Wars)

...and every character ever played by Brian Blessed!

16-04-04, 00:44
The Napster in The Italian Job.

Seth Green cracks me up. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif

16-04-04, 14:41
I could name hundreds of film characters that I like, but I don't think anything will beat Al Pacino's Tony Montana from Scarface. Absolute genious.

16-04-04, 16:33
Gotta love Charleen Baltimore!!! "Long Kiss Goodnight"


16-04-04, 17:40
samuel l jackson- pulp fiction
viggio mortinson- lord of the rings
quentins tarentino's performance in resavoir dogs
Keanu reeves- all matrix films!
not much there really http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/pillow.gif

Melonie Tomb Raider
16-04-04, 17:48
Samwise Gamgee- Sean Astin from Lord Of The Rings
Selene-Kate Beckensale (sp?)- Underworld

Soma Holiday
16-04-04, 19:04
Selene was cool. I liked Micheal too.

Evelyn-The Mummy
Matt Addison-Resident Evil
Micky Maldoon-The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns

No one knows the last one. :(

16-04-04, 19:19
Amelie Poulain, played by Audrey Tautou (Amelie)
Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford (Star Wars)
Dick Goodwin, played by Rob Morrow (Quiz Show)
Fergus (the IRA terrorist), played by Stephen Rea (The Crying Game)

...are just a few http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif