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13-03-04, 03:01
hey guys i need some help on looking up pics of the witchblade from the tnt show, but all sites have pics of the actors and not the actual blade, i wanna see lots of pics of the blade especially the ones from the first few eps of season 1. cause i noticed that the bracelet blade(not armor one) looked different at the beginning(i think it was oval) then it turned prettier and into a circle...help guys.

13-03-04, 03:24
ok i found out that the blade changed its look in the first episode but why?

14-03-04, 02:08
yea guys need some help here...

14-03-04, 03:16
sorry galaxia, i can't help.

But i'm surprised nobody else is around to help, hello out there... here... ere... ere... re... e?