View Full Version : Opinions on a website layout?

24-10-07, 20:31
Okay, I'm not posting the link, as that's site promotion. But I'm posting screenies. Please post suggestions on colours of links and stuff.


24-10-07, 20:37
The banner/top image is way too big. Other than that, it looks just fine! :wve:

Legend Killer
24-10-07, 22:58
The banner/top image is way too big. Other than that, it looks just fine! :wve:

Yep. Aside from the banner it looks really nice and clean. :tmb:
If you are going to keep the layout a fixed width you should limit your banner to what width as well. As for the height I'd try to keep it under 200 px. ;)

Alex Fly
25-10-07, 10:02
It's very nice ! Except for the big image at the top, like the others said, it's really too big.

25-10-07, 10:05
Its Nice :tmb: but as they all said the picture its pretty Big :p

25-10-07, 12:42
Um yeah. Get that banner changed to something banner-sized, not wallpaper-sized, lol. Aim to avoid going over 150 - 200px high.

Layout's nice and clean though. My only other suggestion would be to choose a cleaner pattern for the grey wallpaper background - one with slightly less intricate details - because atm I only realised when I did a double-take to look more closely that it was a floral wallpaper and not a rough noise texture. :o