View Full Version : I cant find the Key

09-10-01, 22:10
Thanks for replying to my previous topic, but the key I want is the one that opens the door to the small building to the right side of the ship the RX Explorer when you first enter the Antarctica level. Iím assuming itís a key because I tried the crowbar but Lara said "no". Iíve searched all the bodies even the mutant in the burnt out cafeteria but no luck. All replies appreciated even if itís to tell me the door cannot be opened.

10-10-01, 05:56
I just played this level not too long ago...I know for a fact you can get into the building cus thats where the level ends..I think to get in you pick up the key in the office on top of a crate..To be sure go to www.tombraiders.net/stella/ (http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/) and check out her walkthrough, that halped me out.