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01-11-07, 23:05
Is there a way to record pc games with just recording your monitor with a video camera? I know theres a print screen key, but can I record gameplay?
Mods idk where to put this move if needed.

Ward Dragon
01-11-07, 23:11
You can use fraps to record gameplay (I think it's limited to 30 seconds if you don't pay for the full version).


01-11-07, 23:13
You can record PC games with fraps (www.fraps.com). The free version records 30 seconds at a time (if you reach 30 seconds it'll record another 30, it's just blocks of 30 seconds you piece together) and is marked with fraps.com and it can also take screenshots as well.

You have to pay for the full version which isn't marked with fraps.com and will record as long as you like. It's an excellent little program.

If you'd like to directly record the game from your video camera then I don't know but that's an alternate way of recording gameplay if you don't get an answer :).

01-11-07, 23:14
It's still possible to record long videos. Most good YouTube videos won't even go above 5 mins).

For the FRAPS trial all you have to do is to record multiple 30 secs video and combine them all using Windows Movie Maker. I recommend the use of transitions such as the "fade" effect (probably best to use no effect). :D

If you hate that idea, then use GameCam but you won't be able to record with sound - Add some music instead! http://www.planetgamecam.com/