View Full Version : 'Shrek' DVD Goes 3-D with Short Bonus

13-03-04, 17:57

By Jill Kipnis

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Moviegoers don't have to wait until the May 21 theatrical release of "Shrek 2" to see some new adventures with Shrek, Princess Fiona and Donkey.

On May 11, DreamWorks Home Entertainment is releasing a DVD two-pack, featuring the original "Shrek" film. With it will be a new 15-minute, 3-D animated story.

According to DreamWorks, "Shrek" sold 26 million VHS/DVD units when it was released on video in 2001.

"Shrek 3-D" picks up where "Shrek" finished, with newlyweds Shrek and Princess Fiona riding away in an onion carriage. The short involves Shrek and Donkey having to rescue Fiona. The original voice cast of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz returned to participate in "Shrek 3-D." "Shrek 3-D" can also be viewed in 2-D.

"This release is timed perfectly, as people are getting hyped up and ready to see the new movie," says Kelly Sooter, domestic head of DreamWorks Home Entertainment. "This gives them a chance to get re-immersed in the story and characters."

Sooter says that there is a large potential DVD audience for a rerelease of "Shrek." "When it first came out on video, it was primarily a VHS world. Since that time, there are 30 million new DVD households in the marketplace, and these consumers are starting to build libraries. The new story also gives them a reason to trade up from VHS."