View Full Version : OMG! Someone dissin tomb raider!

07-11-07, 04:03
this is awful!

[link removed]

07-11-07, 04:37

I suspect this will be closed sharpish

07-11-07, 05:01
People diss TR all the time =/
Hell there are people on this board who diss TR games and such. Just a matter of opinion i guess xD

07-11-07, 05:24
You can't blame him too much. He was expecting a PS3 game and he got a game that's more than 10 years old. I think he would have dissed any PS1 game actually.

I hope he actually tries it out instead of just ebaying it. He might be pleasantly surprised.

07-11-07, 05:48
:vlol: LOL the poor kid should stop *****ing and try to play that wonderful piece of gem.

07-11-07, 05:52
:vlol: LOL the poor kid should stop *****ing and try to play that wonderful piece of gem.

Ditto. :vlol:

07-11-07, 06:44
Does it matter what other people think? :p Doesn't hurt me when people diss Tomb Raider, because I know that none of the bad comments are true, and they're just missing out on one of the greatest games ever. :)

07-11-07, 06:54
Umm....he was expecting to get a PS3 game, and he got TR1 for the PSX instead. I can see why he's angry. He's not dissing TR, hes just ****ed about getting a 11 year old game. o_O

07-11-07, 06:56
"I would have slapped her with that game :/"


07-11-07, 06:59
:vlol: LOL the poor kid should stop *****ing and try to play that wonderful piece of gem.

Nailed :)

Mad Tony
07-11-07, 07:20
And? Who cares? There are tons of people who probably "dis" Tomb Raider every day.
And it's not awful that somebody doesn't like Tomb Raider, it's called opinion.

07-11-07, 08:10
Kid should be grateful. There's thousands of starving African children who would love a copy of Tomb Raider! (joke!)

07-11-07, 08:12
who cares if they are dissin tomb raider. That is their problem if they do not like it.

07-11-07, 09:41
That thread title really made me LOL. I mean "OMG! Someone dissin tomb raider!", how can one possibly be more irrational fanboyish? Sorry if I offended anyone, but come on, this title is really just fun.

Besides, that guy isn't dissing Tomb Raider, but that has been said already.

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07-11-07, 10:51
Only 1 thing to say:


Alex Fly
07-11-07, 10:54
Lol ! :D

07-11-07, 10:57
It's one persons opinion, I couldn't care less.

07-11-07, 11:00
He/she should be killed! Sentenced to death! Punished!

Come on guys, everyone has a right to their own opinion. Everyones an individual. Never forget about respect.

07-11-07, 11:31
jacksprat, I've removed the link and closed this thread for two reasons.

The first is that the link contains material that really isn't suitable for general chat.

The second is that frankly, what does it it matter that people on other chat boards are saying bad things about TR? We know better; end of story.