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01-12-07, 18:37
I purchased this game yesterday and I've completed about one half of the game taking me about 6 hours in total. This game is a long game, and the story line isn't just "lets go kill people" and it's more than a first person shooter.

Anyway, does anyone else like this game or play it?

larson n natla
01-12-07, 19:33
:o Um i got killzone on ps2 to be honest it really sucks the dude looks light he straght outa action man and to be honest it has really boring gameplay

i think its killzone anyways ill just go check

Edit: whoops that was kill switch im afraid i havnt played this game

01-12-07, 20:08
Killzone is amazing. It's a first person shooter, is Kill Switch one?

02-12-07, 14:06
Personally I found Killzone the best FPS on PS2. Sure they are better games, particularly of that genre but I really enjoyed it. It was just one of those many games that suffered from too much hype unfortunately.