View Full Version : Which One Is Easier?

09-12-07, 03:33
Which mod program is easier? TexMod or Tomb Ripper? Please help!!:confused:

09-12-07, 03:40
TexMod is really easy to use and most modding creators and mod users have this program. You'll have more people download your mods and more people able to help you use TexMod than Tomb Ripper.

09-12-07, 03:48
Thanks Wo/Man:D

Let Go
09-12-07, 04:10
I agree...
I don't mod myself but TextMod is the one I use to enjoy other people's mods :D
And looks to me that -on the hub at least- there's more mods to use with TextMod than with Tomb Ripper...

09-12-07, 09:40
I use TextMod.I don't understand a THING about TombRipper(my computer hates it too...)

09-12-07, 10:26
TexMod, because you at least can see what texture you're ripping, plus it doesn't mes with the bigfile...

Mona Sax
09-12-07, 10:29
TexMod is definitely easier. TombRipper is great for permanent changes.

09-12-07, 16:46
Thanks Everybody!! :wve::wve:

I was going to use tomb ripper at first. but you changed my mind! Thanks again!!:D:D