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09-12-07, 08:39
Poll requested by Quasimodo, inspired by kooky.

09-12-07, 08:51
had cs2 until now,now have cs3 :jmp:.

09-12-07, 09:36
I only have PSC*something* trial.downloaded.

09-12-07, 09:38
Payed full price. :)

09-12-07, 10:23
I can't remember... I think I used a student account.

09-12-07, 10:38
Creative Suite 3 since a week or so (Design Standard). With student discount, of course.

If I wanted to get the full Creative Suite 3 without any discount, it would actually be cheaper for me to fly to New York, buy it there and return, than it would be to buy it here in germany. If that isn't sick, I don't know what is.

09-12-07, 10:38
Nope. I use the Gimp, and still don't have a bloody clue on how to color! :p

09-12-07, 10:52
had photoshop CS a few years back, then i kinda gave up.. lost my creative spark.

09-12-07, 10:52
I don't own one :(

09-12-07, 10:52
Payed full price for my copy. :)

09-12-07, 10:54

Alex Fly
09-12-07, 10:56
First option. Photoshop CS2. :wve:

09-12-07, 11:05
No, I don't own a copy :p

09-12-07, 11:18
I got a free copy of Photoshop CS2 from my step dad.

09-12-07, 11:27
too expensive,to pay for it... therefore i don't have photoshop!

Minty Mouth
09-12-07, 11:27
Full price :tmb:

09-12-07, 11:50
Paid for CS2, my dad's getting CS3 for me from work soon =]

09-12-07, 12:01
I got Photoshop CS from a friend of my dad's, who'd moved onto CS2. I don't use it much because it's a bit of a resource hog.

I must be one of the only people on the planet that still uses Photoshop Elements 2. v__v;

09-12-07, 12:58
None of the above. My school payed for it, and any other software i would desire to have on my PC. :wve:

09-12-07, 13:47
Getting a Student Discount for CS3 Extended. :D

Legend 4ever
09-12-07, 14:14
Payed full price for Photoshop 7, which is the best Photoshop IMO.

09-12-07, 14:28
Why do I get the feeling this poll would have alot more votes if there was a "I got it for free. :whi:" option.

Anyway I dont have photoshop.

09-12-07, 14:40
My dad payed for photoshop cs3.

Legend 4ever
09-12-07, 14:40
Does anyone know how to do this at 1:05 to 1:15? and 2:20?


09-12-07, 14:42
No, I don't own a copy.

Overprice for such a program, really.

Legend 4ever
09-12-07, 14:47
Knowing to do this would be great.


09-12-07, 16:39
God no. I would never pay that much. :p

09-12-07, 16:48
Why do I get the feeling this poll would have alot more votes if there was a "I got it for free. :whi:" option.

Anyway I dont have photoshop.

I don't have Photoshop either.

If TRF members admitted to pirating software on this site, it'd probably put Justin in a legal obligation to turn them in, or something like that.

@Legend4Ever- wow, Hilary looks old in that pic! :eek:

09-12-07, 16:52
Payed full price for Photoshop 7, which is the best Photoshop IMO.

I used to have PS7, too (again with student discount), but that no longer works with Mac OS X 10.5, so I had to upgrade to CS3.

09-12-07, 17:32
I don't own any copy of PS cause I don't have any need to up to now.
If I had, I would try The Gimp to solve my problem before.

09-12-07, 18:42
I don't own a copy, wish I did though :) I use the Gimp mainly.

09-12-07, 18:54
im a open source user so i stick with gimp

09-12-07, 19:00
Paid full.

09-12-07, 19:05
Nope, I use the gimp, I dont do much editing and if it is it is rather simple so I dont have a need to pay for it

09-12-07, 19:07
i have cs3! :)

Night Crawler
09-12-07, 19:23
Not enough options on that poll. I got Elements free with my laptop but I've since moved on to CS3.

09-12-07, 20:21
does school count?:p but at home, nope, i dodn't own a copy;)

da tomb raider!
09-12-07, 21:33
No, I don't own a copy. :wve:

09-12-07, 21:38
Full price for CS and donít plan to upgrade. The CS2 and 3 trials were unnecessarily slow and buggy.

09-12-07, 21:38
I have CS3 Extended, don't remember how I got it, though. =/ It's not like I use it anyway. It's just sitting there. :p

09-12-07, 21:39
I use Ulead PhotoImpact10.

09-12-07, 23:52
I got a student copy of Photoshop CS, which for my purposes is fine. Paint Shop Pro is what I would probably use if I didn't have CS. I don't know if it supports the DDS format, which is useful for making some game textures (like UT2004), but for standard picture editing it seems good.

Melonie Tomb Raider
10-12-07, 00:42
I got CS2 as a gift from my aunt. Where's that option? :p

10-12-07, 03:13
Don't own, don't want to pay for it either :wve: