View Full Version : What do you think is the "correct" way.....

28-07-03, 04:33
..to break off a relationship with girlfriend/boyfriend? Its funny that I bring this up,but I was thinking of my last girlfriend and how we broke up and it made us good friends in the friends in the end.

Anyhow;what fustrates me is how when some guys break up thier girlfriend, its by giving her the "get the stepping" attitude. For some reason,when it comes to that type of attitude, it isn't right -- it just makes her feel as though she isn't a human,but rather less. Anyway, its just bother when people are that way.

So you know, I had to break up with my gf because she finished college before me. The good results, we're still good friends.

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28-07-03, 04:42
It isn't so much the correct way as it is to find the least wrong way...