View Full Version : I need Inspiration!

Indiana Croft
12-12-07, 23:31
Every year I do this thing for my school talent show where I make fun of Martha Stewart. I can't think of anything funny to say. Will you guys help me out? Oh, it's got to be holiday related:hea:

12-12-07, 23:41
You could do a skit where Martha's doing crafts with kids - you might've seen some real episodes where she's done crafts with children but you can tell she's really losing her patience with them :p

12-12-07, 23:53
Isn't she the chick who was done by the IRS for not paying her taxes?

13-12-07, 02:13
Hmm, a skit about getting Christmas presents in prison? Or having to cook Christmas dinner for the entire prison camp, with all that nasty prison food. I swear that wasn't really turkey they gave us, must have been pigeon. Just some ideas, I'm sure you can make them funny.

13-12-07, 02:58
Isn't she the chick who was done by the IRS for not paying her taxes?

Accually I think she was in a little trouble beucase she was informed from an inside source that a stock or something was gonna drop, big time, and that is illegal.

But I have to tell the truth, making jokes at other peoples expense is not a honorable talent in my opionion. Are you good at anything else that doesnt make fun of someone? But who am I to tell you what to do.