View Full Version : America's Next top finale tonight-Anyone watching it?

12-12-07, 23:51
Is anyone watching it? Im pretty pumped for it.

12-12-07, 23:56
Stupid Thrash T'nA Show. :mad::hea:

12-12-07, 23:58
i dont like models but Britain's Next Top Model is more tolerable. every 5 seconds the American's break out in a cat fight.

13-12-07, 00:08
What is this one? Cycle 64?
They REALLY need to give it a break, I havent seen ANY of the models who won those shows in magazines, movies, other shows etc. except the first winner, Adrian... And the only place i seen her was in Playboy =/

13-12-07, 00:18
Being Downunder, I will be watching it as soon as it comes up on YouTube! :D

13-12-07, 02:12
I watched it. Dissapointing again.

13-12-07, 16:09
I cant believe she picked saliesha. In case you didnt know, saliesha already knew tyra and has broken the rules.

She went to tyra's T zone camp
Did a runway show thegirls went to in cycle 6
did a runway show on the tyra banks show
Had a small role on ugly betty
Had a wendys commercial (youre not supposed to go on the show if youve had an ad campaign in the past 5 years)



and this is for Jaslene haters (not my least favorite winner anymore)