View Full Version : General Heroes Season 3 thread. (Talk about Season 1 and 2 here)

kill bill
13-12-07, 15:47
I can't find the old thread so lets start one for the new season.
Apperently Richard Drucker is going to be the new hero. Heading in Monicas and Micahs direction. Anyway anyone know where in Divx format or in any format once WMM can play them I can download season2 episodes (all of them) and i'm trying to head in the directions of 100mb per episode

Jack Croft
13-12-07, 15:53
Season 3 hasnt happened there are volume sin each season. like in season 2 there is going to be 4 i think

Agent 47
13-12-07, 16:00
was on page 6

kill bill
13-12-07, 16:05
what jack croft? there will be a season3 so lets start the theroys. Go to www.heroestelevision.com or www.heroestv.com

13-12-07, 16:19
Thanks Agent 47 :wve:

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