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13-12-07, 23:35
Tomb Raider; Origins.

Regoneks Family.. and The Trents.

Once joined together with strong forces The Lux Veratatis... Creating the midnight stone as a sacret symbol for the ruler of each family.
But, at the dark ages.. Sir Tunjek had betrayed the Regonek's [enter spoiler here.] making the Trents hunted... Making the Midnight Stone worthy of danger.
The Regoneks would soon be defeated by the new army named The Midnight Army. In which they stole the Midnight Stone.. to treasure and lock away in a temple maybe/forever.
Now the Trents family live on to this very day.. [Kurtie] No'thing is known about the stone, But only one person knows the truth. And will do anything.. to stop it escaping the borders of the eternal Regoneks.. Which means a Regonek is still alive.
Lara's old school friend Jason Regonek.

I'm having problems expanding the story from here, As Jason was to turn into a bad guy.. But where unsure about this bit yet. So, Lara basically will get to invovled with the Familys past + the stone.. Therefore putting her into an amazing awkurd situation at the end of the story. Also the Midnight Stone has a parrellel world.. So maybe Lara could go there with a result of finding it.. or something. Ideas would be appreciated..

Thanks guys :wve:

EDIT; The Lux Veratartis thing has nothing to do with AOD.. or that complicated story. Its just a new maybe de-expanded version? :pi:

14-12-07, 14:13
Fantastic storyline, not much to be improved really. ;)