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14-12-07, 22:44
Hi guys and gals

I've bought a little Rover 216 (200 series SLI) 1.6l engine. I filled it up two days ago but the gauge says its down to half a tank already which means it only does 20miles to the gallon which can't be right surely?

That means I'll be spending 80 a week on fuel. I don't think that is right either. Any ideas on what it should be doing?

Thankies, love you all muchly!!!


14-12-07, 22:50
maybe the car have some problem and is consuming more than it should! better take it to a mechanic and let him make a full inspection to the car...

14-12-07, 23:18

Sometimes, the tank's shape makes the gauge not linear. Maybe it will go down slower for the second half.

14-12-07, 23:19
wow, that looks to be about half of what it is supposed to do.

15-12-07, 00:03
Is it a 2nd hand car? If so, try getting a service done as well; my car always chews through fuel quickly when it doesn't get serviced regularly.

Capt. Murphy
15-12-07, 00:51
A cars Gas consumption can mean a number of things. A leak somehere in the gas line, insufficeint tire pressure, or maybe even a dirty... air filter(?). *shrugs*

At least now you know why -whoever had it before you- sold it. ;-D

The next thing I could suggest... Google. I've had problems with my car/s before and looked on-line and have found good information.

Here's something I found that may help...


15-12-07, 00:52
It could be running rich (getting too much fuel), is there any smoke coming from the exhaust?

If there's no smoke, then your gauge could be broken.

Sorry if I'm not much help :o

15-12-07, 01:14
Another thought, fuel consumption can also be affected by the way you drive. If you are not shifting soon enough, you will be burning too much gas.

15-12-07, 12:31
Well it's automatic so it has nothing to do with changing gear.

I think the suggestion about the gauge going slower in the second half is more accurate. Still annoying though. Thanks for ur help people!!!

Love and kisses