View Full Version : A building Collapsed in My Living Street

Tthe Spirit
15-12-07, 15:26
:yik: :yik:

Two days ago an old building collapsed near to my own apartment and it was a huge disaster. :(:(:(
One of the inhabitants, an old woman, who was trying to escape had a rock fall over her.
I heard that some were also stuck beneath the ruins.
Everyone was crazy about it.
Security were doing their best.
a bulldozer even came to help picking out the stuck people.
Even at the middle of the night, i could hear screams.
now i am at my village, i just hope everythign is fine once i get back down to town tomorrow. :(:(

15-12-07, 15:29
thats terrible! i am so sorry :(

Lara Lover
15-12-07, 15:30
Wow. Thats awful, hope you are ok. :(

Alex Fly
15-12-07, 15:31
That's terrible, glad you're ok...

15-12-07, 15:32
Thats terrible :(! Sorry

Tthe Spirit
15-12-07, 15:35
you cant beleive how many phone calls i had when the news was spread on tv.
Everyone was so worried and i was so freaking out because my uncle said that it was the building i live in that collapsed. :yik::yik::yik:

I was in heaven when i knew it wasnt, but unfortunately, the family whose house collapsed is very very very poor.
Poor to the maximum and now they have become homeless.

15-12-07, 19:19
Oh, it's terrible! I'm sorry.
Glad you're OK.

15-12-07, 19:20
Wow this would have scared me to death,im happy ur ok =):hug:

15-12-07, 19:37
:yik: What a tragedy! You should be thankful you're safe! I hope other people that live close by that old building were ok, too. :(

15-12-07, 19:39
That's terrible I hope no one got seriously injured :(

16-12-07, 08:52
That's awful! I hope someone checks out the reason why it collapsed so it could be prevented from happening to other houses! thank goodness you're safe :(

16-12-07, 09:07
I'm so sorry about the news. :( I hope everyone can pull it together for those who need help.

16-12-07, 09:14
So sorry to hear, glad you're okay.

16-12-07, 11:03
That's terrible :(
I hate those moments (of course,all of us hate 'em) :(

16-12-07, 12:58
While I'm glad you're okay and while I'm hoping that nobody got seriously or lethally affected, I think that occurrences like this add a little spice to life. You know, something out of the ordinary. Something that catches you off-guared, leaves you shocked with mouth wide open. I'm up for seeing a building collapse near where I live as long as it gets cleaned up easily and nobody gets affected at all.

16-12-07, 17:07
that's terrible. i'm really glad you're okay

16-12-07, 20:14

Glad you're okay. That poor family, though.. Hope things'll get better for them, that's devastating.

16-12-07, 21:06
That's awful. :(

16-12-07, 21:12
Gosh, that's terrible.

I do wonder though, how would a bulldozer really be of any help if people are stuck in the ruins, wouldn't it just mangle them further?