View Full Version : Lasik will never be safe.

15-12-07, 19:39
Iíve been reading into this and itís quite surprising. Supposedly the flap that the laser creates never heals and after signing the consent form you have no chance of winning a lawsuit against the doctor if something goes wrong. Itís just terrible what some people have to go through because of Lasik.


16-12-07, 08:50
If i'm not mistaken, LASIK's procedure is to CUT the cornea layer (as suited to the individual's needs) so that he/she need not wear glasses anymore, so obviously before you go for the surgery, you have to be absolutely sure you want to do it because the cornea won't grow back. usual suggestions is to wait for your eyesight power to stabilize, then decide if you really want to do away with glasses. then again mishaps happen. part of life :)